Exam Preparations – Skills to master your exams

Exam Preparations – Skills to master your exams

The course will be held online with ZOOM.
Any academic studies represent an enormous intellectual challenge.
Therefore, it is important not only to be perfectly organized but also to have the best strategies at hand to cope with the extensive course contents of the various subjects.
In this seminar you will acquire knowledge of the basic strategies for an ideal exam preparation as well as the most essential memory techniques with whom learning is even fun.
In detail you will learn how to use your time more effectively, to develop learning plans, how to succeed in motivating yourself to learn how to learn (that is to say: understand – memorize – remember), how you can keep the learning matter in mind in the long term by means of many application examples, how you can transfer memory techniques to your field of study.
You also get checklists for the various forms of examination. After the seminar you will be able to memorize terms, numbers, names and complex relationships and to use these according to your individual requirements.




This course will be held online with ZOOM.


  • Studierende: 70.00 CHF
  • Doktorierende: 120.00 CHF
  • Mitarbeitende: 170.00 CHF
  • Externe: 310.00 CHF


It was a lot of fun and even a lot of useful informations at the same time. Cool!



Speaker: Christiane Stenger

13.00                       Start of the course

13.05                       Plato already knew how to do it – how to learn better and faster with memory techniques

14.30                       Break

14.45                       The right preparation is crucial –      time management, learning plans, working techniques, motivation

16.00                       Break

16.15                       Nothing must be forgotten – how to make optimal use of what you have learned during the examination

17.30                       Break

17.40                       Scoring with creativity – how to apply memory techniques to different fields of study

18.00                       Open questions, summary

18.15                       End of the course

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